The guys at cleverly cleaned worked brilliant Dave, Ringwood

I have had cleaners before and not happy, but found Cleverly Cleaned and they fulfilled every expectation, thank-you Sue Camberwell

Cheryn and Roy have been cleaning my office for 8 years and could not be any happier, would recommend to anyone Angela Camberwell

When you talk about property services, Cleverly Cleaned are the ones, have not had an issue with them at all and the most important key to a business is honesty, and they are definitely that, thanking you so much guys George, Boronia

I have a small townhouse in Camberwell and have used Cleverly Cleaned for 10 years and am their very first client, and they do help me so many ways, like taking the plants out when i’m away and looking after the place Nan

Having 1 child when Cheryn and Roy started & now have 3. So, they have seen my family grow over the last 8 years, they are awesome, cheers guys Amanda, Camberwell.

Cleverly cleaned have been cleaning for me for 5 years and yes they are a little more expensive than others but hey you get what you pay for, pay peanuts get monkeys. THEY ARE CERTAINLY WORTH EVERY CENT. I have tried other companies but they are useless and do not give you your moneys worth, oh yeah they do my mums place as well Elaine, Camberwell

Cheryn and Roy have cleaned my home and business for 9 years and as I have grown they followed and nothing was ever a problem, the staff at cleverly cleaned under Cheryn and Roy’s leadership do have a schedule and they abide by it professionally
Joe, Camberwell/Blackburn